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Wow! – It had been a triumph of the weekend!11133671_906661796021201_4763308468326788072_n
Shots from 13 hours of the happy couples big day, and they’re some of the best footage we’ve got!
We can safely say that Joe and Lucy are in for a very big treat with their amazing “Uptown Funk!”


Bucks Fizz was already on the go when we arrived to Joe and his lads getting ready, and with a little help from one another they managed to all do their ties up properly – and pin their flowers on! (whilst trying to hide the pin).
And on the other side bridesmaids were already up and dancing and the party was already in full swing!
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With guests arriving and a big warm family welcome the ceremony was a huge success, and it was hard for us to stop getting a little emotional – as it was for everyone else there!
The big day was going as perfectly as it should, we were getting some pretty amazing shots of everyone jamming away (We couldn’t get Callum and Ashton away from us) and the speeches were pretty darn spectacular.
After a couple of drinks and the sun appearing through the clouds we had everyone up on their feet singing and dancing along to Uptown Funk, and as the night went on, the lads weren’t too shy to pull their kegs down, get their wigs on and look pretty sexy!

We hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did, we can honestly say we loved every minute and was the easiest shoot we’ve done!,
We would also love to say a HUGE thank you to Joe and Lucy and for all the guests who made us feel at home and were such lovely people  !

And here it is, the funkiest marryoke of 2015, UPTOWN FUNK!

We wish you all the best for the future, and see you next year for your anniversary!

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