Delivering A Top-Notch Best Mans Speech!

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It’s the big day and you have been given the honour of being best-man, this only means one thing, (other than a big stag do), the Best Mans speech. You have probably thought for months and months for stories to embarrass your best mate on his big day, drunk antics, big mistakes and horrifying stories his 90 year old grandmother is about to hear, and you are probably bricking it!

We can’t help you with your stage-fright but here are some of our best tips we can give (from awful experience), on how to deliver the best speech you could and still keep your dignity.

Delivering the Best Mans Speech!


  1. He might have done some some stupid things – but be nice!
    He’s still your mate, this is his big day, let people laugh with him, not AT him!
  2. Honour the moment
    It’s a big honour to be given the duties of the best man, so even if it’s a little thank you for being given the honour of best man, it will go a long way! It will also make your speech instantly likeable so then you can be as brutal as you like!
  3.  Don’t drink too much! (before the speech)
    A strong scotch may be just enough to settle the nerves and relax you into it, but don’t make it much more so that you can’t make it through the first sentence. It won’t make you look good, and it CERTAINLY won’t amuse the bride and groom! Then, once the speech is done, go wild!
  4.  Don’t bury your head in the cards
    It just won’t seem heart-felt, it’ll seem awfully scripted. If you lose your words through nerves, jsut go with your instincts, you have probably known the groom for many years and have a lot of stories to tell, just go with it!
  5. RELAX
    Main one of all! Just relax, everyone is having a good day! Everyone ill be looking forward to hearing what you have to say and they’re on your side! Just stand up straight, have an air of confidence about you and just deliver the greatest best mans speech there ever has been.
    You have nothing to worry about! Be a Warrior not a Worrier!


 It there’s something to go by, don’t take any inspiration from this video, but do take a look because it is hilarious!



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