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Olympic Wedding marryoke

20th June 2013 by in category marryoke Blog tagged as , ,

It's just been announced that weddings 'could be held' at London's Olympic park. So you'll be able to take your vows at the top of the Orbit Tower. A pretty exciting prospect, I'm sure you'll agree. Read all about it here; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-22949711 It got me thinking about an Olympic themed marryoke. What tune would you [...]

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Military Hero’s Wedding marryoke

12th June 2013 by in category marryoke Blog tagged as , ,

Tomorrow, Thursday 13th June 2013, we'll be filming a military Hero's Wedding marryoke. So to set the mood, here are our troops in Afghanistan, proving that a mimed song can brighten the mood, no matter what the location. Don't Stop Believing! http://www.military.com/video/operations-and-strategy/afghanistan-conflict/29-commandos-dont-stop-believing/1697321270001/

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Weird Wedding Vehicles

6th June 2013 by in category marryoke Blog tagged as , , , ,

Inspired by our upcoming wedding marryoke involving a Lamborghini convertible, I thought I’d delve into the unusual world of weird wedding carriages. The people who shun the Daimler, Bentley, Lambo, and instead go for something that’s more them. One guy was obviously keen on going green for his wedding. He dressed up a tandem in […]

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Wedding Fair @ Crystal Palace FC – We’re there!

8th May 2013 by in category marryoke Blog, Wedding Fairs tagged as

We’re heading to Crystal Palace Football Club in South London on Sunday 12th May. With their football team 3 games away from the Premier league next year, there’s great optimism in the air. It’s the perfect time & place to hold a wedding fair. Not only that, entry is completely free. So, come along and […]

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Cutting Edge Cameras for our marryokes

24th April 2013 by in category marryoke Blog

Here at Wedding marryokes’ tower we pride ourselves on being ahead of the game in the technology stakes, and today is no exception. Our team of videographers are getting very excited about our new camera. We’ve just taken delivery of the cutting edge Blackmagic camera, which will be  taken to some of our Wedding marryokes, […]

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Brangelina Wedding at the end of May

27th March 2013 by

Am I the only person on the planet who didn’t know that Brad & Angelina weren’t married? It seems they’ve set a date for after the Cannes Film Festival. So, I imagine as they tread the red carpet this year they’ll have one thing on their mind…what marryoke are we going to pick? Well as […]

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marryokes in a Galaxy Far Far Away

7th March 2013 by

We had successful National Wedding Show at the NEC this weekend (1-3 March). We met people from all corners of the country and had requests for marryokes from all over the Galaxy. Yes the Sci-Fi crowd were there in force. Red Dwarf, Star Trek, Star Wars, you name it. This is a really tough ask. […]

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Best House Tune for Wedding marryokes

25th February 2013 by in category marryoke Blog tagged as , ,

Last weekend at the National Wedding Show in London, we were posed a challenge. One of the attendees said we couldn’t do a Wedding marryoke to house music. That it just wouldn’t work. At first we thought they were right and it had us stumped. So, over a pint after the show a few old […]

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Adding some Hollywood Glamour to Your Wedding Invites

19th February 2013 by in category marryoke Blog, Wedding Invitation tagged as , ,

We’ve all had wedding invites at one time or another. Some are pretty, some are cute, some are just emails or texts!! But have you ever thought of theming your invites after your favourite Hollywood movie? Well one creative couple turned themselves into Brangelina for theirs. It looks pretty cool to me, but a word […]

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