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The birth of this marryoke was not an easy one. The bride and groom had trouble agreeing on a song. It was not until a couple of days before the wedding, they plumped for Fresh Prince of Bel Air by Will Smith. Here at WM we usually like to have at least a couple of weeks notice before a wedding. It gives the guests time to get familiar with the tune and us time to storyboard ideas with the couple. But this didn’t deter either party, which shows in this highly entertaining marryoke of singing, playing and getting married!!



Siobhan and Dayle looked fabulous and dapper (in that order). And their gargantuan yurt in the Shropshire countryside proved a lovely location for what has been our most popular marryoke to date. It also had some ready made filming locations; look out for Dayle singing by a dilapidated boat with his friend playing Ray Charles at the helm. Another highlight was for the lyrics ‘started making trouble in my neighbourhood’, as there just happened to be a couple of light sabres to hand for the boys to cause trouble and make a memorable scene. But, the cherry on the top of this Fresh Prince has to be the cameo appearance of a Carlton lookalike; complete with thick knit sweater.


Stay fresh, y’all.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air marryoke - Cabbie
Carlton Lookalike in his Fresh Prince Jumper

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