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It is very easy to get completely overwhelmed, with all the organisation, planning and general hecticness of the big day (we’re not good at that stuff in everyday life as it is!), but there are ways to keep on top of things and not get too stressed!
We have spoken to most of our grooms from our marryoke’s about what they would advise for any young groom out there desperate for help!
Firstly, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and read some of our tips to help you make some of the decisions you need to on your wedding day…

Choosing your best man
Wow. How do you choose? So many great friends who would all kill to be your best man. But it’s not just the planning of the stag that you need to take into consideration. A best man needs to ultimately be the most reliable man you know. Someone who will be able to organise you and your friends and deliver a great speech. Having said that, your best man should know you well enough to be able to speak about you confidently and not upset any of your great grandmothers with horrifying stories of your past life.
The wise and most common choice would be a brother or your oldest friend but if no one spring to mind then we would love to come down and be your best-man!

To be involved or not to be involved
How are you supposed to know?! It’s a question always asked because it’s impossible to know. Having spoke to most of our grooms it’s always a mixed response. This day is a day that brides have been planning since the age of 3 when Barbie was first married to Ken on the kitchen table. But, you are as much in this wedding! Go with your instinct, it’s best to just help as much as you feel you want too. It’s best not to be forgotten about and left at home whilst the dream wedding has been planned, if you want to just show your face and support – thats fine! If you want to plan your own FIFA inspired wedding reception – also fine! (to an extent.

Keep ahead of the game
Preperation and organisation isn’t one of our strong points lads, but lets try and change that for just one day. Send her her favourite flowers, sweets or items whilst she’s getting ready, it’s these details that will make her wedding day the most memorable. It will also allow her to break out of the planning day mind-set and remember what this special day is all about. Now, we all know some men are a lot better than this than others but it’s nice to get your creative head on and it’s these gestures that she’ll really remember.
Use a checklist if needs be, make sure that you’ve done everything you possibly can to make this the most memorable day in your life.
*And also remember the book us guys*

Enjoy it
Yes, a bit cliche. Yes, a bit soppy. But it’s right isn’t it? You just need to relax! You’ve done everything you’ve needed too. You’ve helped as much as possible, You’ve made your bride feel like a princess and remembered to relax.
Now all you have to do is just sit back and enjoy the most memorable day of your life.
This is the most important tip of all. Without this, the day could turn into a panicky, organised mess!


These are just a few, but to keep these in mind will really help any pre-wedding worries you have. If you want any more advice please get in touch with us and we would be happy to help!
*remember* RELAX. (And no FIFA weddings).

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