How to keep the entertainment up, but the cost down!

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I think it’s clear that we all know weddings can be quite a hefty price, and a lot of budgeting, worrying and advice goes into it.
But how can we get all the things that we want, and still keep the cost down?
We’ve complied a few tips and tricks over the years of attending all of our weddings to give you the top 5 tops ways to keep the cost down, but still have everything you want!

Off-peak Season
The amount you save by having an off-peak wedding will have huge savings for your budget incredible amounts, we have a lot of weddings in the autumn and spring, and the benefits are a lot better than an in-season wedding, you will most likely get all the things you want in an off-peak, and cost for venues and organisers are roughly 20-30% cheaper!

Why not also looking for a mid-week wedding? Saturdays are the most popular for weddings so book in the week and save even more!

Try cutting the guest list?wa103217_fa07_bottles_xl
It may seem like a tough challenge to do, but why not invite only the people who mean the most to you and have that special place in your heart? This will make your wedding feel a lot more personal and close, and you will save huge amounts on flowers, tables and food!

Hire the professionals
This might sound completely contradictory to the blog and to what we’re trying to say but hiring a professional wedding planner could save you thousands when it comes to your big day. They are not afraid to haggle with prices, know the best buys and how to cute and save more than anyone else.

Hunt for yourself
Of course, bargain hunt. The amount you can find on eBay, Pinterest, Etsy all the websites that you can find hidden treasures on. Also, going to markets across London or near your venue can give you the fabrics, materials, and even the DIY gifts for guests. It could cut your stationary budget in half.

Quite a lot of brides can get quite scared when it comes to planning and buying for the wedding that they will panic buy into things because they think it’s the only way. Why not a couple of days before the big day, hire a close family friend or granny, or even yourself, to bake, cook and prepare the desserts or entre. By doing this you’ll saving a small fortune on food and drink. Why not even see if you can ask the venue if you can make the table decorations yourself? Again, BIG money saver!

If you’re weddings a couple of years off, why not swap your credit card for a card that will earn you airmiles? If you’re a traveller and can rack up the airmiles you can already start planning your honeymoon, rack up your points, and fly for free!

Plain and simple: Prioritise
Know what means most to you, and that can be anything, but just the things you want to focus on. Then take care on those and it will show you the things you don’t need to overwa101637_sum08_lanterns_xl-spend on!

marryoke Package
Did you see us at one of the shows? Already knew about us? And you’re really interested but didn’t budget for us?, if you haven’t already booked a photographer or videographer, get one of our all inclusive packages and you’ll be saving thousands buying them all with us. We have highly professional photographers and our videos are…well… you already know how professional they are. We do traditional wedding videos too so save yourself a heap-load!

Do you have any money-saving tips out there, please share your thoughts in the comments section, we’d love to hear from you and so would all the other engagelings!

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