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We’re varied team with a wide range of experience and background in TV & film making. Our skills compliment each others and combined produce outstanding work.

Mike – The Director

Mike has over 6 years experience in producing & directing TV & films. His TV programmes include the first series of An Idiot Abroad for Sky 1 and Sarah Beeny’s Double Your House for Half the Money. He’s gone on to direct and produce his own short film that was shown at Cannes Film Festival. His experience in film making is extensive and he brings his skills to bear on producing marryoke videos that push the boundaries of what’s been achieved in the past.

Seth – The Camera Expert and all round tech know-it-all

Seth has his finger on the pulse technology. If there’s a new camera on the market, he knows about it. He’s also the mastermind behind this website and Wedding marryokes online presence. On location he’s like the ‘Q’ from James Bond, with gadgets for every situation.

He has been Director of Photography (lead camera man) on several short and feature films, so has a strong filmic sense that he brings to our marryokes.

Joe – The artist & gifted film editor

Joe is the true artist of our group. She’s an incredibly talented lady and can create works of art in both electronic and canvas form. Her artistic sensibilities give her a keen eye for the details of wedding day beauty and this is a big part in why her edits are so beautiful.

She also adds a feminine touch to our work, ensuring that our productions are well balanced.

We have a pool of talented and trusted videographers on which we can call during the busier periods. All of our team leaders meet our exacting standards and combine directorial skills with great videography, the ability to be at the right place at the right time along with just the right personality to keep the fun going throughout appropriate times of the day

We currently have the capacity to film 3 weddings on any given date.


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