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Woah, Last Nite by the Strokes completely rocked this beautiful Lake District wedding. And to think it almost didn’t happen. Rich & Gills were cautious about their marryoke at first, they wanted a tune that all generations would know and not feel left out. They initially chose ‘All You Need is Love’ by the Beatles. A fine song, but not a tune to really light up a wedding day. I convinced them to go for a song that was close to their heart, that meant a lot. The older generation would ‘get it’ eventually. After-all, this is their special once in a lifetime day.


So when they chose Last Nite by the Strokes I was delighted. I knew the tune suited them and that the lyrics were relatively straightforward. We had some great marryoke potential in this 🙂

It was a sweltering July day in 2013 when Rich & Gills got married. This was an extra-special wedding for me, as Gillian is my cousin and I’d known her since we were kids. So I was honoured that she’d asked me to film their wedding day.


Rich & Gills are real indie kids, so their performance on the day fit the song to a T. It wasn’t just the inflatable guitars that got a battering, Rich picked up the guitar and performs for the whole wedding party. The cutest moment of this marryoke by far is baby Leo, at just 8 months, managed to lip sync some of the lyrics. This is truly one of the funniest moments I’ve ever seen in a marryoke. It’s worth watching for that moment alone.


So rock along with Rich & Gills’ marryoke it’s got it all; dance moves; singing babies and beautiful people…there’s no family bias 😉

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