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So, this weekend we found ourselves traipsing through the interweb at times we never knew existed, and found some pretty amazing videos along the way (mainly funny videos of cats – but also weddy ones!)
So we thought, how could we possibly share this experience with our brides and brides to be?
It’s time to give yourself a well deserved break from organising, planning and stressing and just sit back and watch some damn good vids!… Enjoy!

Carey & Corden marryoke

It’s not unheard of that Corden makes our sides split in the most unusual and hysterical videos, but this time he’s teamed up with the legendary Mariah Carey to give us what we call a TOP marryoke – ish. Here they are passing away the time in a hilarious video of Corden going to work!

Sheeran Surprise

Someone who has been all over the place, winning awards, hitting headlines and breaking through the music industry, everyone has heard of Ed Sheeran and most people would want him at the dinner table or serenading them in the moonlight. Well, this lucky couple got the wedding of their dreams when the man himself showed up to give them a wedding they’ll never forget! – Warning contains scenes of awesome musicality.

Get married or die of cuteness!

We shall end our video selection with one of the CUtest wedding proposals we’ve ever seen! No words can describe this so we’re not going to try and justify it, just watch!

That’s it for now. While you’re here, if you love music and know anyone getting married soon, check out this fab way to guarantee fun on the big day…

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