London Wedding Venues – Traditional, Modern, Unusual!

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Choosing the location for your wedding is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make, so you’ll have to put some time into it. Do you want it to fit your lifestyle and suit you or do you want it to fulfil your wildest childhood dreams of when you used to daydream about your wedding day? From a traditional venue to a modern design, London has a wide variety of big, small, modern, traditional and weird, all wrapped up in its London bubble.

We have decided to give you our top 10 wedding venues to give you a little insight of what London has to offer or just give you thought as to what you might want your wedding location to look like.


The National History Museum
Perhaps something you may not think about when planning your venue, but the National History Museum is a beautifully elegant place to hold your wedding (it includes Dinosaurs, although you’ll need to be quick to see Dippy in the picture below as he’s being replaced by a whale after decades of loyal service).

In daytime the Natural History Museum sees thousands and thousands of tourists and history lovers, but when booking you see the venue transform into something extraordinary.

History lover or not, the Natural History Museum gives a gorgeous warm space. Although quiet pricey it does include a personal events manager and team, and will guarantee some very interesting photos (and videos!).

Something you may want to think about if you want something a bit out of the ordinary for your wedding, with this land lost in time.

Capacity – 150-3,000

Natural History Museum
What could be a better song choice for the Natural History Museum than “Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch” (maybe slightly inappropriate)

Eltham Palace – South East London
Another historic Icon, The Eltham Palace formerly housed King Henry VIII, and with its stunningly modern decor the Palace is a must-see if you’re planning on holding a more unconventional modern wedding. Ideal for all seasons, it has a gorgeous exterior with pop-up marquees and beautiful scenery for the summer with a warm, hearty interior for those cold winters nights. Have a wedding of royalty with booking available for the end of this year!

   Capacity – 100 min


PERFECT MARRYOKE SONG – In this very modern venue something modern is key, one of our most frequent requests – “MARK RONSON FT.BRUNO MARS – UPTOWN FUNK!”

The Cannizaro House – Wimbledon
Not sure whether to go for a traditional or a new modern? Would your parents prefer an old fashioned wedding and you maybe a modern? The Cannizaro House is a perfect mix of the old and the new!

A spectacular exterior for a traditional scenic wedding with a twist of modern and sparkle floors in the inside. A dream venue for the undecided!

Capacity – 90


PERFECT MARRYOKE SONG – In this more traditional style venue, CLASSIC IS KEY, our choice – “Queen – Don’t stop me now”

The Old Finsbury Town Hall

Gleaming with elegance and tradition The Old Finsbury Town Hall is perfect for the old romantics! Painted in old decorations and portraits, its rustic vintage feel gives you a wedding venue from the movies! Let your guests be welcomed by drinks and gorgeous staircases and high ceilings, and they will be blown away by this exceptional venue.
Capacity – 300



PERFECT MARRYOKE SONG – As you’re spending a day at the movies, why not pick a movie classic! Our choice “Say A Little Prayer For You – My Best Friends Wedding [1997]”

Kensington Roof Gardens – Kensington
Simply. Beautiful.

The Kensington Roof Gardens gives you that fairy-tale wedding that you’ve always dreamed of! This gorgeous venue can hold up to 500 people and will make the most memorable wedding out of all 500 of them! They won’t just supply you with an awesome venue, but wedding planners who will help with the organising, balloons,wedding, just as stress free as the venue looks.

With incredible food & drink on offer, this venue has it all.

RG Marquee Evening

PERFECT MARRYOKE SONG – With it’s bright lights and energetic feeling our top marryoke song – “Taylor Swift – Shake It Off!”

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