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Telling your unique love story in the form of a wedding movie

 We’ve decided to be more than just a leading company of marryokes, and work ourselves even harder and stretch ourselves to the limits to bring to you an incredible unique type of wedding video.

Wedding Films That Tell Your Unique Love Story

Wedding Films That Tell Your Unique Love Story

Have you ever wanted to be in a big HOLLYWOOD blockbuster? Ever dreamed of being your own leading lady or walking down the aisle to Chariots Of Fire? Well now you can!

The team here at Wedding marryokes are bringing you LOVE Wedding Videos! A brand new concept turning your beautiful wedding day into a movie!

Just like our marryokes we use a similar approach, aiming for maximum effect with minimum impact on the day… we keep ourselves in the background for the majority of the time, capturing unguarded natural moments of emotion throughout the wedding. Then, we add in little bits of direction dotted throughout the day, only taking a few minutes at a time (some people like to take more than a few minutes – the drunk ones and the performers, usually!)…

Then once we have worked our magic we merge it all together to recreate your special day with beautiful scenes, moving audio and stunning effects – hence the film style.

What we are focusing on with the LOVE Wedding Videos are the story. We want it to go somewhere, so its not just a boring traditional video that won’t excite you or take you anywhere. We don’t just drop a camera in the corner of the room and press record. Following consultation with you, we find out all of the key little things that make your relationship and your wedding unique. You and your guests’ personalities shine through. Because we remember all of the little things that mean so much to you.


To give you an introduction to our LOVE WEDDING VIDEO’s we are offering a free consultation and quote to help you find out more about our films at,

And also stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook and there might be some exciting news heading on there too!

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