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The location was Wroxall Abbey near Birmingham. It was early February in 2013 when Stew & Jen’s wedding was blessed by not only the priest, but unseasonably warm and sunny weather. Good luck for them and for us marryoke-makers. The lovely low sunshine adds a beautiful light to the day time shots.

The video’s backdrop of Wren’s stunning cathedral was an epic location for this indie floor filler track. Mr Brightside by The Killers, might not have the most romantic of lyrics, but it certainly didn’t stop the wedding party belting out this tune for all they were worth.

Olympic Back Flip marryoke Performer
Cool page boys in Wedding marryoke Music Video

Look out for a guy who performed at the Olympic opening ceremony doing some kind of triple-forward-back-somersault. And expect your heart to sing at the sight of cheeky young brothers as page boys.




Keep your eyes peeled for the apple everyone is throwing from shot to shot. It was inspired by the role played by an apple in the original video. And it’s with regret that I must admit…that several apples were harmed in the making of this marryoke.

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