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Hey Ya by Outkast

Ultimate marryoke Package

Rob James – Groom

“A huge thanks to our wedding marryoke guys, Seth Ward, Mike D’ Rews and Joe Chen for creating the best wedding video I have ever seen! WORLD CLASS! – Rob James”

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Hey Ya by Outkast

Ultimate marryoke Package

Faye James – Bride

“Initially, we couldn’t have wanted a more different approach to our wedding video – Rob wanted to be star of the show, with me preferring to shy away from the limelight … oh how the Wedding marryoke team changed that!

From the planning stage to the ‘Big Day’ itself, the team were so supportive and conscious of creating something that we would both be happy with. Their friendly, approachable characters put us at ease which resulted in them not only creating a fantastic wedding video that captured our day, but also helped to create some of our best memories!

Of all the things our guests have commented on, these guys get the most interest and the biggest praise! Everyone enjoyed their presence and complimented the team on how much of a fun addition to the day they were.

Our Wedding marryoke is our favourite keepsake from our wedding and one thing is for sure … we never get bored of watching it! Thank you for everything, Mike, Seth, Joe and Andrew. Your talent and commitment speaks for itself in the wonderful work you produce!”

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke (feat. Phar. Williams)

Combo marryoke Package

Leanne & Adam – jointly

We cannot thank the guys at Wedding marryokes enough for the videos that they have created for us.  From start to finish the team have been fantastic – Joe, Seth and Mike.  We’d only just decided on the song when we initially met. We wanted, Blurred Lines.  We had no idea of what sort of themes we would want in the video, but Seth and Mike soon came up with lots of ideas. The storyboards came through and we were really excited to see how it would all come together on the day.

Joe and Seth joined us all bright and early on the wedding day.  There was such a lively atmosphere in the house that morning and they fitted in really well with everything that was going on.  Wherever you turned Seth and Joe were there, it was great because you knew they were capturing every special moment happening on our day.  Throughout the day we kept catching our guests be filmed for various parts of the video and we knew it was going to be a success.

We got back from our honeymoon and couldn’t wait to see the videos – the combo, the highlights and the eagerly awaited Blurred Lines marryoke.  Joe and I were in regular contact  and I cannot thank her enough for all the work she put in to make the perfect videos for us, nothing was too much for her. She is a star.  The first time we watched the Blurred Lines video I cried, it was funnier than we could have ever imagined.  Our wedding party did us proud and we were over the moon.  I instantly posted the video on Facebook and couldn’t believe how many views it got in the first day, everyone was sharing it with their friends.  A lot of our friends and family didn’t really understand the concept but when they saw it they absolutely loved it.

We love the Traditional video so much, I get a lump in my throat every time I watch it.  It captures our wedding day beautifully and it plays along to the music that means the most to us.  We will never get bored of watching this video, it tells the story of the whole day, it even gets the butterfly in shot.  We were so busy on the day and the video fills in all the gaps that we missed.

I cannot thank Joe, Seth and Mike enough for what they have created for us.  It will be the one reminder of our wedding day that will live with us forever.  You guys are amazing at what you do and we wish you every success in the future.

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I’m Glad You Came

by The Wanted

Combo marryoke Package

Chantelle & Donnie

“Hey guys thank you all so much for your hard work you shown at my wedding (3rd August) it was an amazing day and you just added that special touch… All my family have echoed what I have said and they have all commented how outstanding you all were… I would highly recommend you guys to everyone as you are by far one of the best-Rare/Genius… Can’t wait until I see the footage from the day and of course not forgetting the legendary marryoke great experience thanks again fantastic team…

Oh one more thing to add i know everyone was “Glad you came” as the team were amazing thank you again x x x “

I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas

Combo marryoke Package

Quote from Dan on the night

 “You guys have been the best thing we’ve booked. It’s been such a laugh. Thank you so much.”

Kirsty on receiving a re-edited version of her marryoke

“Ah thank you,  you guys are amazing. I’ll recommend you to all our friends xx “

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Ain’t No Stopping Us Now by McFadden & Whitehead

Combo marryoke Package

Fallon, many months after the wedding

I never thanked you and Giovanni for the amazing work that you did for us on the day, everyone commented how much fun it was and couldn’t believe what a team you made with Gavin, our photographer.  In fact you captured a really lovely moment between my mum and I which I will be eternally grateful for since we seemed to miss having any photos together.  Your product offering is so bloody good, and I’ve seen other marryoke videos since and can confirm that few would stand up against what you provide.  Your work speaks for itself, and I still have people asking me about you and to pass on your detail.

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