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Will the marryoke end up taking over the wedding?

Not at all. Although we’re always trying to get as much great footage as possible throughout the day, we know when to do it, and we make sure not to take up too much of anybody’s time – including you two! We find that it’s rare for us to spend more than 10 minutes at a time with anybody, although it’s often the case that some people have so much fun they keep coming back for more.

We are generally discrete and always professional – we know when we can make a bit of noise, when we can’t, and when to blend into the background.

I know some of my guests won’t want to get involved – does this mean I shouldn’t have a marryoke?

No. We do try to get as many people as possible into the video – even if it doesn’t involve singing, dancing or being generally silly – but we’re always sensitive about not putting too much pressure on those who are shy. After years of doing this, it’s easy for us to tell the difference between those who are gagging to perform, those who need to be given time to build up some dutch courage, and those who just wouldn’t enjoy doing a marryoke. And we do often find that many people who are quite reluctant at first end up being our star performers once they’ve seen what a good time everybody else is having

Are we going to have to spend weeks practicing lyrics and routines?

How much you practice is up to you… Since you choose the song, it’s probably one you know quite well anyway. It’s nice to have some routines ‘in the bag’ but it’s equally interesting to do something spontaneous.

I’m not sure if I want a marryoke rather than a standard wedding video, but I love your style. Can you film my wedding?

Yes. We’d love to help immortalise the best day of your lives, whether you’re singing or not. And actually, we usually do shoot ‘traditional style’ wedding summaries or full wedding day videos alongside/in-between the marryokes. So you don’t need to choose between one or the other. The two are pretty complementary – when your time is being taken up by photography straight after the ceremony we can keep the rest of your guests involved by shooting some music scenes. Later on in the day people relax more – this happens at the same time that the ‘big’ parts of the day have run their course and we have more time to get the music video in the can.

Do you really film the videos on the wedding day?

Yes we do! Our higher-end packages can include pre- and post-wedding shoots where we can add extra storylines and scenes to your video, but the vast majority are shot in and around the wedding.

What areas do you cover?

The whole world – seriously. We simply love to travel and to share the best day of your life with you wherever it might be. If you think it might be too expensive, you could be surprised – we’ve done weddings all over Europe and have several booked in America and Asia over the next 12 months.

How long will I be waiting for my edit?

It does take quite a long time to get your video finished to perfection. We’ll have your first edit ready within 6-8 weeks. You then get to give us your feedback and once you do, we’ll have it all finished for you within a fortnight.

I love what you do but I’m already married. I wish I’d known about this back then – do you have a time machine?

We’ve come across this quite often – you could live vicariously and buy one for someone close to you who is getting married – or, even better, have you thought about having one made for another special event? We join in on stag and hen parties, and can film a surprise birthday video for your partner feature all of their friends and family singing their favourite tune. Play it on their special day and they can keep the memories forever – while you get to do your best J-Lo or Take That impression.


  • Lorraine and Stuart
    on 10th October 2017 Reply


    Please could you send us your price list for a Marryoke Video we are getting married in Buckinghamshire – Missenden Abbey 23rd June 2018

    Thank you
    Kind regards
    Lorraine and Stuart

    • Mike D'Rews
      on 12th October 2017 Reply

      Hi Lorraine & Stewart, thanks so much for getting in touch. Please send an email to and we will send you the full list of all the different packages we offer.

      Best regards,
      The Wedding Marryokes Team

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