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Shake Blenheim Palace – Yeah!!


Party songs don’t get much better than Ray Charles belting out Shake A Tailfeather. This is my absolute favourite karaoke tune, which I murder on a regular basis.


So, when Steve & Vanessa told me they were having a Blues Brothers themed wedding I had my fingers crossed they’d choose this song. However, their first choice was “Everybody Needs Somebody”, but wanted to know if I had any alternative ideas. Hmm (forms a pyramid with his hands and taps fingers like Mr Burns)…well there is this one song… They didn’t decide at the consultation but emailed me a couple of weeks later. Needless to say I was delighted.

On top of this they were getting married at Blenheim Palace. What a setting…a setting that really impressed Keith Lemmon (impersonator). He was kind enough to give their marryoke a suitably regal introduction for a location of such grandeur.  It’s certainly an introduction no one is going to forget in a hurry.


But seriously the variations of stunning landscapes, lighting and architecture combined with the energy of Steve & Vanessa’s wedding party to makes this a truly stunning marryoke.  So put your ermine shawl on and prepare to be regally entertained.



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