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We’ve Got A Pretty Good Package!

27th April 2015 in category Uncategorised

Now to say we have a pretty good package is a bit of an understatement, we actually have a lot of pretty awesome packages. They come in all shapes and sizes, some give you more and a chosen few are quite perfect. We are of course talking about our amazing marryoke packages! (I think) We […]

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A Big Congrats – Joe and Lucy!

15th April 2015 in category Uncategorised

Wow! – It had been a triumph of the weekend! Shots from 13 hours of the happy couples big day, and they’re some of the best footage we’ve got! We can safely say that Joe and Lucy are in for a very big treat with their amazing “Uptown Funk!”   Bucks Fizz was already on […]

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Is This The Way To Amarillo! – James and Sweet Marie Who Waits For Him!

13th April 2015 in category Uncategorised tagged as , , , , , ,

And Sweet Marie Who Waits For Me!     Well, what an awesome day we had!  We would like to say a massive thank you to James and Marie for being lovely hosts and welcoming us into their big day, and what a special day it was! We absolutely loved videoing your wedding so we take it […]

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Some Pretty Awesome Announcements!

10th April 2015 in category Uncategorised

Are you ready?! We knew it!, the day has finally happened and we predicted right!.. Mike predicted at the start of this year that one of our first marryoke’s of 2015 would be .. “Uptown Funk”! And with seeing the wedding season on the horizon it’s finally happened! One of our lovely couples form Birmingham […]

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Well, that’s awkward!

2nd April 2015 in category Uncategorised

It’s hard to recall how many laugh-out-loud funny, and some pretty awkward wedding videos we’ve seen on You’ve Been Framed in the last 200 years it’s been aired, and we love a funny story.  It is probably keeping you up at night – all the bad things, or awkward things or things that could go […]

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How to keep the entertainment up, but the cost down!

20th March 2015 in category Uncategorised

I think it’s clear that we all know weddings can be quite a hefty price, and a lot of budgeting, worrying and advice goes into it. But how can we get all the things that we want, and still keep the cost down? We’ve complied a few tips and tricks over the years of attending […]

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Too Many Musical Decisions! – TOP 5!

12th March 2015 in category Uncategorised

With so many things to take into consideration for your wedding, every decision could seem like a huge one…which it is! What are going to be the best musicians, bands, singers to have at your wedding? There could be a lot to think about when choosing the the right one, will it compliment the theme of […]

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What makes a good groom?

17th February 2015 in category Uncategorised

It is very easy to get completely overwhelmed, with all the organisation, planning and general hecticness of the big day (we’re not good at that stuff in everyday life as it is!), but there are ways to keep on top of things and not get too stressed! We have spoken to most of our grooms […]

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LOVE Wedding Videos!

29th January 2015 in category Uncategorised

Telling your unique love story in the form of a wedding movie  We’ve decided to be more than just a leading company of marryokes, and work ourselves even harder and stretch ourselves to the limits to bring to you an incredible unique type of wedding video. Have you ever wanted to be in a big […]

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Happy by Pharrell – Lotty & Dan

5th June 2014 by in category marryoke Video, Uncategorised, Wedding Music Video, Wedding Videos tagged as , , , , , , ,

The Secret To A Happy Wedding Day   We were optimistic that THE most popular song of 2014, Happy by Pharrell, would make a great marryoke tune. And after our pre-wedding consultation with Lotty & Dan, we had even more reason to believe this. Happily Lotty runs a dance school, so a great number of [...]

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