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Inspired by our upcoming wedding marryoke involving a Lamborghini convertible, I thought I’d delve into the unusual world of weird wedding carriages. The people who shun the Daimler, Bentley, Lambo, and instead go for something that’s more them.

One guy was obviously keen on going green for his wedding. He dressed up a tandem in white paint and ribbons. Hope her dress didn’t get caught in the chain. (He posted his picture here).

Then there’s the couples who went for the opposite of green. One used  a monster HGV cabin whilst the other opted for the not so traditional Wedding tank!!! (supplied by Tanks-a-lot love that pun)

My favourite one is the fork lift truck used by a couple in China. They met when he bought a truck from the company where she worked. Took them 3 1/2 hours to drive to the church, though. (Here’s the full article)

The whackiest one of the lot has to be a skip!! Once again it was the actual business they were involved in that eventually led them down the aisle. (Full article)

I wonder if there will ever be a couple of rocket scientists that fall in love over an equation, then tie the knot in space. I imagine the rocket would have to double as a church and reception venue. The pastor would have to pass a medical and the dinner would be squeezed out of tubes. God knows how the band are going to play!

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