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It’s hard to recall how many laugh-out-loud funny, and some pretty awkward wedding videos we’ve seen on You’ve Been Framed in the last 200 years it’s been aired, and we love a funny story. 
It is probably keeping you up at night – all the bad things, or awkward things or things that could go wrong at you wedding but you can be safe in the fact that it won’t be as awkward as some of these nightmarish but funny wedding stories..
For the past few weeks we’ve been asking our lovely Twitter followers to DM their nightmarish wedding moments…here are the results..

  1. “I managed to get hypothermia when doing the photogrpahy outdoors, i missed the recepetion as i was in hospital and my brand new wife had to come – still in her wedding dress..”


  2. “The wedding was going swimmingly, everyone wqas enjoying themselves, me and my lovely groom were having the best day of our lives – nothing could go wrong!
    It got to cutting the cake – which was perfect!
    It got to the first dance – that went perfectly!
    My husband popped the champange in the wrong direction and his eye was bandaged up for 6 months.”
  3. “I started to dance with my new brides grandmother, as we all new she was dying to dance, it was all going well until i slipped, stepped on her foot and broke three of her toes.



And Just To Top It Off – Here are some PRETTY AWKWARD wedding kisses..

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