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8766ace03bd222da7428dd9de7b7a103_400x400Now to say we have a pretty good package is a bit of an understatement, we actually have a lot of pretty awesome packages. They come in all shapes and sizes, some give you more and a chosen few are quite perfect.
We are of course talking about our amazing marryoke packages! (I think)
We have many marryoke packages to choose from to suit you the best, but which marryoke package would best suit you and why?!


With any of our packages you will recieve;

  • A Consulation with us 6 weeks before – This way we can get to each other a bit more personally, so you know who you’re getting at your wedding – and so we know what gorgeous couple we are lucky enough to film. It’ll also spark creation and even choose the song if you’re struggling!
  • Edit and re-edit until you’re happy!


The One-and-only, Undisputed, marryoke Package!

marryoke Gold!
Armed with our cameras, speakers and your song we will turn your day into a Music Video. With Six hours of your wedding footage from ceremony to party-time with one of our expert videographers and one trainee. We will then edit your video and post it online and give you a USB and Device compatibale versions!
Upgrade To Platinum! 
2 expert videographers armed with all of our top of the range gear, ready for night and day!, We will story board your whole wedding, just like a music video and get a full flowing story for your song. Not only this we will give you a rapid edit time so you won’t have to wait long for your favourite wedding gift!

Why don’t you take a look at just what the fuss is all about? Then scroll down for something special!


Our Ultra-Flashy – Super Duper – Gob-smacking COMBO PACKAGE!

So, you don’t have your videographer yet? and you’re really dying to have a marryoke (Why wouldn’t you?)
then why not get both of them with us? It’s an absolute no brainer!,
Firstly, you haven’t invited double the people to your wedding and secondly you’ve saved up to thousands on getting them both in our combo package!

Combo Gold!
You will get to of our expert videographers packed out with all of the essential gear for up to 8 hours shooting, from the time you want us there to as late as your first dance + after party. We will then have just what we need to get your amazing marryoke, all the most important bits of your wedding and an exclusive extended highlights video to a backing song of your choice!

But wait…There’s more! *pauses for a big breath…* – Outtakes video, Personal Message Video, USB/DVD/Blu-ray Versions, and much more!
We will then leave (reluctantly) and go and sit in a dark room editing all of your gorgeous memories into a marryoke, A Traditional Wedding Video and your extended highlights!

Combo Platinum!
Just when you think it couldn’t get any better – we suprise you yet again!
All of the above’s amazing inclusions!
This time 3 videographers! A whole day of shooting, right till the very end!
A Priority edit, moving you to front of the queue!
Why don’t you stare in amazement at some of our Combo Packages?!

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